Consulting and Moderation

TRUTH-TELLERS: Disruption Network Lab “Art & Evidence” conference series, 2016.

Besides my academic projects, I have had the chance to work in very different roles and contexts as a consultant, moderator, curator, expert advisor and speaker and in different industries from the cultural and political to the private sector.

Switching roles, seeing connections between different fields as well as thinking across disciplinary boundaries is not a coincidence for me, but a practice that I strongly identify with and use to challenge my own (and others) acting and thinking.

I have the pleasure to consult a variety of organizations, such as the German Caritasverband e.V. on their digitization strategy. Also, I am an expert member of the German UNESCO working group on Communication and Information.

I have curated for transmediale conversationpiece in 2016 around the topic „anxious to secure“ where I explored recent security culture and politics from diverse angles in multiple public sessions. I have moderated (internal and public) workshops and events on a topical spectrum around the digital society, often focussing on political and philosophical changes and challenges.

Below you find some examples of my work. Contact me, if you have any specific request for consulting, public speaking or moderation.